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Our company provides support for mobile kitchens for government organizations such as the military. We assist in the deployment of these kitchens to various locations globally. Our team is equipped with the necessary expertise, resources, and know-how to guarantee the success of each task we take on. Our expertise and inventory are unparalleled, allowing us to take on any challenge with confidence. We provide military mobile kitchen rentals and other specialty facilities for a variety of uses: 

Disaster Relief Mobile Facilities

Expertise and rapid responses are essential elements of successful disaster relief. Timely action is essential to minimize the loss of life and property. Organizations dedicated to providing aid, as well as governing bodies, employ Temporary Kitchens 123 for the leasing of modular kitchens specifically designed for military usage.

In addition to this, we offer assistance in the face of calamities, as well as provide suitable work conditions to those working in isolated and hard-to-reach areas. Our worksite offers a variety of facilities including electricity, full residential features, water supply, and wastewater management. Our mobile facilities are comprehensive, ready to be used right away, and include:

  • Mobile/Modular Hard Wall Units in Riverton
  • Soft Wall/Clear-Span Structures in Riverton
  • Temporary Power & Distribution in Riverton
  • Mobile HVAC in Riverton
  • Foodservice & Dining in Riverton
  • Water Systems in Riverton
  • Showers & Restrooms in Riverton
  • Laundry Units in  Riverton

Base Camps

Organizations such as emergency responders, the military, and others can acquire the use of mobile, temporary accommodations by renting them from Temporary Kitchens 123. We provide Best for You with a wide selection of specialized facilities, such as kitchen trailers, food service units, dining areas, living quarters, billing offices, administrative offices, maintenance areas, and storage areas.

We possess a comprehensive range of permits and qualifications. Prefabricated structures consisting of modular components can be requested. This type of construction allows for the quick and easy assembly of buildings. We can help you out with maintenance, putting up living quarters (man camps), building from scratch (new construction), and even renting properties. Temporary Kitchens 123 offers a complete selection of man camps that are completely outfitted with all the necessary furnishings for mining activities. Our camps provide a comfortable and convenient place to stay while on the job. Discover the cost of having a camp accommodating up to 2000 people that includes full logistics services. We possess a substantial collection of items in various locations across the globe.

Construction & Renovation

Our military kitchen rentals offer assurance and cost-effectiveness for military, government construction, and renovation projects that necessitate temporary kitchens. These solutions are dependable and reasonable. We are able to provide service to a wide range of individuals thanks to our convenient mobile units as well as our multiple-unit setups.

We offer other services like:

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  • Base Camp Housing in Riverton
  • Man Camp Housing in Riverton
  • Base Camp in Riverton
  • Mobile workforce housing Services in Riverton
  • Base camp services in Riverton
  • Man camp rentals in Riverton
  • Workforce housing in Riverton

Emergency Response Mobile Support Facilities

The Temporary Kitchens 123 organization is equipped to provide mobile and short-term services to military and emergency response personnel. Their facilities are designed to aid in these operations.

Our military kitchen trailers can be connected to a tow vehicle or securely fastened in place. The process of installation requires little effort when using either the utility or local power connections. Skilled technicians can provide full delivery setup and disassembly services, ensuring that everything is properly put together and taken apart. They also guarantee that the job is done safely and correctly.

About Mobile Kitchens

Depending on their location, mobile kitchens from Temporary Kitchens 123 may have various titles, such as Navy mobile kitchen, Army mobile kitchen, and Marine mobile kitchen. Our organization offers a variety of mobile disaster relief facilities that are equipped with all the necessary items. These can be transported from one place to another, regardless of our name.

How Does Mobile Kitchens Work?

Our temporary military kitchens are tailored to fit your exact requirements. We make sure that every one of our kitchens is designed to meet your individual specifications. A variety of sizes, shapes, and configurations are available, enabling you to find the perfect one for your requirements. These range from trailers that can be moved around, to skid kitchens and container units that can be transported and installed for long-term rental. This kitchen provides all of the necessary amenities, such as appliances, refrigeration, freezer capacity, storage areas, shelves, work surfaces, safety equipment, heating, and air conditioning, along with any other necessary components. A modular kitchen rental with a military orientation can be supplied with any type of power source. Apart from being driven by electricity, natural gas, and propane, these machines are also able to function using water as the source of power. It is uncertain whether customers will be able to rely on both gas and electricity as sources of energy in the foreseeable future.

What Are Uses for a Mobile Kitchen?

Obtaining or renting a specially designed mobile kitchen is a sensible choice for catering businesses that move around, food service businesses on the go, and for those who want a lasting kitchen. Mobile kitchen trailers are a popular choice for short-term events like concerts, sporting occasions, weddings, and street fairs. These vehicles are typically rented out for a certain length of time, allowing the renter to have access to the features they need. Military bases often make use of mobile kitchen trailers during the process of refurbishing their main kitchens. This allows them to continue providing meals for their personnel while the renovations are being done. We provide services to a range of organizations, from schools, hospitals, military bases, and senior living facilities, to homeowners who require food service to continue during their renovations.

We offer other services like:

  • Temporary Workforce Housing in Riverton
  • Base Camp Housing in Riverton
  • Man Camp Housing in Riverton
  • Base Camp in Riverton
  • Mobile workforce housing Services in Riverton
  • Base camp services in Riverton
  • Man camp rentals in Riverton
  • Workforce housing in Riverton

How Much Will a Mobile Kitchen Cost?

The rental cost of a mobile kitchen trailer utilized by the military will be subject to the length of the lease and the setup of the kitchen. The rental fee will take into account all modular components and the measurements of each unit. Temporary Kitchens 123 provides a selection of both pre-owned and brand-new mobile kitchen units that customers can purchase and tailor to meet their needs.

The capabilities of mobile services extend far beyond the scope of providing meals for the military. Temporary Kitchens 123 offers short or long-term rental of various mobile facilities, such as restrooms, dishwashers, refrigerators/freezers, and laundry.

What Are the Advantages of a Mobile Kitchen?

  • Military kitchen rentals allow you to keep it for only as long as you need it
  • Pre-fabricated kitchen units save time and money
  • Each unit is pre-constructed to meet health and safety codes
  • Each unit is climate controlled
  • Food service can be provided directly on-site without interruption
  • Fully customizable mobile kitchen units to meet your specific food service needs
  • Clean, comfortable, and spacious work areas for kitchen staff
  • We handle delivery, set up, and removal of mobile kitchen units 

Reach out to Temporary Kitchens 123 for assistance with any temporary food service requirements for the military.

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