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Client Profile Mobile Kitchen Rental

Our Client Profile Mobile Kitchen Rental master list of clients served, kitchens deployed and many are still renting until now. We have provided top quality service over the years, earned a huge based of satisfied customers and committed to maintain a good working relationship.


Mobile Kitchen Trailer Rental Client Portfolio
Client Food Service Management Group Location Meals Per Day Reason For Temporary Kitchen On-site Provides
Hewlett Packard HP Boise, ID 6,000 Cafeteria Renovation June 2011 – Present 24Ft Mobile Kitchen
Lutheran Home Senior Living OSL Arlington Heights, IL 3,000 Kitchen Cafeteria Remodel June 2011 – Aug. 2011 40Ft Mobile Kitchen
Dept Of Transportation DOT Rutland, VT 2,000 Diaster Relief Sept. 2001 – Present 32Ft Mobile Kitchen
Camp York Town Bay CYTB Mountain Pine, AR 2,500 Fire Renovation June 2011 – Oct 2011 53Ft Mobile Kitchen/Dishwashing Unit
North Dakota Man Camp Navy Tiogo, ND 1,500 Oil Rig Man Camp July 2011- Present 28Ft Mobile Kitchen
Adidas Add Seattle, WA 700 Marketing Event Mar-11 24Ft Mobile Food Truck
Denny’s DTL Los Angeles, CA 350 Marketing Event Sept., 30th 24Ft Mobile Food Truck
Holiday Touch HT Boise, ID 1000 Kitchen Renovation Nov2011- Feb 2011 40Ft Mobile Kitchen
Ketchum KTM Los Angeles, CA 500 Galaxy Soccer Event 0CT 2011 24Ft Mobile Food Truck
Buca Di Beppo BDB Long Beach, CA 950 Womens Convention Nov 2011 -Dec 2011 28Ft Mobile Kitchen
Chef Ramsay KN Los Angeles, CA 1500 Kitchen Nightmares Show Feb-10 28Ft Mobile Kitchen
Mission Tortilla MT San Francisco, CA 800 Marketing Event Aug-11 24Ft Mobile Food Truck
Warner Bros. WBS Burbank, CA 1500 Movie Release Jan-11 24Ft Mobile Food Truck
Sony SS Beverly Hills, CA 1800 Jay Leno & Jimmy Kimmel Sep-11 24Ft Mobile Kitchen
Kraft Foods KF Jacksonville, FL 3000 Chef G Garvin Marketing Demo Mar-11 28Ft Mobile Kitchen
New Shades Senior Living NSSL Albany, OR 4000 Cafeteria Remodel Nov 2011 -Dec 2011 40Ft Mobile Kitchen
Philadelphia Medical Center PMC Philadelphia, PA 800 Veterans Day Event Sept. 2001 6 Stall Shower Unit
Park Avenue Nurse & Rehab PAN Arlington Mass 2,300 Remodeling Sep 2010 – Jan 2011 24ft Mobile Kitchen
Stove Pipe Wells Village SPWV Death Valley NV 1,500 Kitchen Renovation Feb 2011 – Dec 2011 40 Mobile Kitchen/Dishwashing Unit
Nassa Veterans Memeroial NVM Union Dale, Ny 3,500 Veterans Day Event Sep-11 32Ft Mobile Kitchen
New Edge NE Richland, Wa 1,100 Special Eevent Dec-10 28Ft Mobile Kitchen
RMS Foods RMS Hobbs, Nm 10,000 Commercial Refrigeration Services Dec 2010 – April 2011 40Ft Refrigerated Container/Trailer
Source Corp SC Louiville, Ky 15,000 Government Refrigeration Services Oct 2011 – Present 40Ft Refrigerated Container/Trailer
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Sharing is Caring
Client Profile Mobile Kitchen Rental

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Disaster Relief
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Temporary Kitchen Design
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Disaster Relief Agencies
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Health Care
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