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Mobile Kitchen Rental also provide Clear span structures which offers a broad range of uses for: special events, corporate product displays, parties, weddings, sporting events, construction projects, temporary warehousing, military applications, and disaster relief.

Clear span structures are supported by aluminum box-beam cross sections that form the roof rafters. Once assembled on the ground, the roof rafters are raised into position by either manpower, forklifts or cranes. Then they are connected to aluminum or steel horizontal beams, just as in traditional stick-built buildings. The rafters utilize a minimum of bolts and pins for quick and efficient installation. This portability along with their small number of parts allow for even the largest Clear span structures to be transported on trucks or semi-trailers. Depending on the size and experience of the crew, along with the working conditions, a minimum of 10,000 square feet of clear span can be installed in a single day, up to 20,000 square feet. And multiple teams working together on different tents can install them even more quickly.

Clear span structures structures use steel plates instead of guy lines to supply tension to keep it from collapsing or blowing away. These plates are steel staked into the ground, with the tent surface dictating the type and number of stakes. Since soil is one of the most frequent surfaces for installations and soil conditions vary across the United States and can significantly affect the holding power of steel stakes, a pull test of base plates is required at the installation site to verify that the correct number of anchors are used. Clear spans can also be installed on concrete using specialty concrete anchors. If a site does not allow ground penetrating anchoring, then in most cases concrete block ballasting can be used. Meticulous consideration must be paid to the proper weight used for ballasting to provide the quantity of weight required to prevent updraft and shear pressures.