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Mobile Kitchen Rental is a well-established catering, supply and service company with the expertise to provide you with excellence in food service and staff anywhere in the world. We are your ideal resource whether you need remote site catering or offshore catering on a full-scale platform. Our services can be customized and deployed quickly to meet the needs of your particular project. All our chefs are certified in all food-handling requirements. Our meals are prepared to exacting industry standards and rules, along with our strict adherence to all proven SOPs. Food safety, sanitation and hygiene are always priorities in the food services we provide. Mobile Kitchen Rental has a great deal of experience serving clients of different nationalities. Our chefs can create appetizing meals that are customized for any nationality, ethnicity, culture or religion. We know that creating quality meals at remote job sites can be a challenge. With that in mind, Mobile Kitchen Rental has developed the best method for providing remote catering services without sacrificing quality, while serving hot, freshly prepared meals to crews on-location.Â


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Working with input from our client and taking into consideration factors such as budget, geographic location, working conditions, shift schedules and dietary needs of the workforce, we can customize our services to fit your specific needs. Our culinary team understands the importance of nutrition for crews working long shifts. Our catering services include a customized balanced menu of either hot or cold meals presented to our client for their approval, prior to the start of each project.

Our culinary team has the experience and know-how to handle any situation. Our resources can be positioned rapidly, professionally and safely anywhere in the world for long-term, short term or as a quick response for emergency job sites.

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Food Service Staffing

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