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Temporary Workforce Housing in Alabama

Duo kitchenware’s Bunkhouse Trailers are designed to provide disaster relief and worksite accommodations in remote and difficult environments. Our fully-integrated workforce modular housing provides comfortable, secure, and climate-controlled sleeping conditions for a large number of people in any location. And if necessary, they can be manufactured with showers, military kitchens, and restrooms.

Duokitchenware offers remote, detail-engineered workforce housing renting or leasing, including military deployment, ranging in size from 6 to 40+ bunks to provide reliable, comfortable, and safe temporary or emergency housing shelter with military field kitchens if required, for disaster relief efforts, Oil Field Support, Man Camps, Forest Fire Fighting Support, and many other remote locations where key service personnel can have a dependable place to get some much-needed downtime. Our accommodations at the job site include living quarters with electricity, water, and sewage treatment.

Duo Kitchenware is a premier provider of temporary housing kitchen rentals and military field kitchen rentals. In addition to bunkhouse trailers, restrooms, and shower trailers, we also offer mobile locker rooms and military catering services. Our company is a rising star in disaster workforce housing turnkey solutions. We take great pride in providing exceptional product quality, expert craftsmanship, and superior customer service.

Our team has extensive experience designing, manufacturing, and distributing house trailers for rent or lease to remote workforces. Our entire organization is unified by a dedication to complete customer satisfaction.

We welcome the chance to meet with you in person at your location or at ours. We are licensed and certified. You deserve dependable quality.

Mobile Accommodations

It is crucial that your teams are prepared to respond immediately in the event of an emergency or natural disaster. And your crews will not be at their best without basecamp support services for their necessary rest. When the situation calls for an extended deployment, your base camp must be equipped with all the necessary facilities and amenities to house personnel. Count on Duo kitchenware to be your partner during these trying times for logistics management in remote camps. We rent mobile sleeper trailers in a variety of sizes and configurations based on your particular requirements.

Providing Space for Your Response Team to Recharge

Natural disasters and emergency situations are mentally, physically, and emotionally taxing; therefore, your team requires quality rest and dependable base camp planning services whenever possible. When first responders have the opportunity to recharge their energy and recuperate, they will be better able to make practical decisions and take purposeful action. Our mobile workforce housing shelters and DFACT services are designed to provide the utmost comfort so that individuals can tend to their own needs.

  • Pillow Top Anti-Bacterial Mattresses
  • Privacy Curtains
  • Heating, Air Conditioning & Air Purification Systems
  • Reading Lights
  • Eco-Friendly Propane Quiet Generators
  • Meets or Exceeds Cal Fire & Life Safety Regulations
  • Exterior Handwashing Station with Bio-Friendly Soap & Towels
  • Daily Cleaning and Attendants on Duty 


Our mobile and remote temporary modular buildings come in a variety of sizes and configurations. They are equipped with power generators and additional amenities to provide all the conveniences of home. Our temporary housing units for rent or lease can be deployed rapidly and combined with other mobile support units, such as mobile kitchen stations and bathrooms. We offer a variety of options to ensure that your crews receive the necessary rest and are prepared for any situation.

Our services include recovery from natural disasters, maintenance, man camps, new constructions, and rental buildings. We offer a comprehensive selection of fully furnished mining man camps.

Duo Kitchenware offers for rent or lease bunk bed housing trailers with six to forty-two beds and an optional exterior hand washing unit for on-site sanitation and personal hygiene. For wildfire crews, remote man camps, evacuations, and quarantine situations, these completely self-sufficient base camp housing units have been invaluable.

Your Reliable Group in a Crisis

Duo Kitchenware has vast experience responding to all types of emergencies, including natural disasters, long-term construction sites, and special events. As a company that offers complete base camp services with mobile and remote temporary housing options, we provide comfortable units for disaster response teams, on-site personnel, and overnight event attendees. You can rely on us to deliver the necessary equipment on time, arrange installation, and then deconstruct the mobile units when they are no longer required.

  • Camp Operations Services
  •  Man-Camp Site Design & Development
  •  Camp Management & Operations
  •  Base Camp Services Worldwide
  •  Mobile Crew Camps
  •  Workforce Housing


Businesses and organizations around the world have relied on Duo kitchenware to deliver mobile DFACT rental housing tents and structures during crises. Our clients include emergency responders, refineries, pipelines, strike organizers, filmmakers, concert organizers, event managers, and the military. We have worked hard to earn our reputation for flexible solutions, rapid response times, and industry expertise. Whenever you have questions about emergency temporary facilities or need base camp services as soon as possible, we’re the mobile sleeping company to count on. 

Workforce modular housing for sale or lease is just the beginning of our solutions for on-site accommodations. We also offer solutions for food service, bathing, restrooms, and laundry. No matter how inhospitable or remote your location is, we deliver the essentials so that your people can live and work comfortably. Contact us today to learn more about the man camp construction services and site management services available from Duo kitchenware. 

We proudly serve clients throughout the nation and around the world. 

About Our Disaster Relief Company

Duo Kitchenware is a premier emergency relief company providing workforce housing trailers for emergencies and equipment to organizations and individuals around the world. With our large fleet of asset-owned gear, we are able to deploy quickly and efficiently to provide you with the resources you need for both turnkey base camps and single-resource support. 

  •  Catering Services
  •  Remote Catering
  •  Industrial Catering
  •  Emergency Catering
  •  Incident Catering Services
  •  Military Catering Services
  •  Oil Field Catering
  •  Concert Tour Catering 


From hurricane relief services to wildfire support to any emergency anywhere, Duo kitchenware has been there to provide our equipment, services, and expertise to help in the front-line defense against environmental issues created by monumental disasters.

Get a quote on a 50 – 2000 person camp. We offer full support and logistics for all of our large global inventory.

Whatever the situation, our disaster management team, and crews were ready to deliver the equipment, resources and expert assistance needed to provide significant support to those in need including our brothers and sisters in military deployment. Our team offers everything from management, site preparation, and catering to power generation and billeting, complete ablution services, security, badging MWRs, and laundry services.

Duo Kitchenware is dedicated to providing our clients with the most effective service at the best value. We want your crews to be able to enjoy modular temporary workforce housing shelters even during the most extreme situations. Furthermore, our high-quality green-and-clean equipment helps us create a safer workplace for crews working in the downstream, midstream, and upstream areas. 

  • A reduction in man hours from extended time spent traveling to and from job sites.
  • Crews can be fully rested while decreasing costs on the project.
  • Workforce turnover is greatly reduced
  • Provides employees with clean, efficient, and comfortable housing.
  • A turnkey facility that includes a flat-screen TV, microwave, stove, and pillow-top mattresses.
  • Travel trailers allow you the flexibility to scale up or down as the project dictates. 


We can also provide:

  • Emergency Logistics Plan
  • Emergency Management Assistance
  • Emergency Tree Cutting Service 
  • Emergency clean up crews 
  • Emergency Linemen services 
  • Emergency remote construction crews 
  • Remote clean up workers and crews available 
  • Emergency Response Management 
  • Emergency construction services 
  • Emergency Contractor Services 
  • Emergency Construction Management 
  • Emergency Restoration Company
  • Remote Workforce 
  • Disaster Relief Workforce


Supporting Your Emergency Logistics Strategies 

While it is possible to prepare for a disaster, time quickly becomes a luxury once it strikes. Our company is committed to helping clients flesh out the most effective emergency response plans and field kitchens. By providing the equipment and facilities to support your teams, Duo kitchenware will make it easier for you to complete the mission and save lives. 

We understand the challenges that face governments and people in times of crisis. As such, we tailor our services to meet all your needs. From turnkey workforce housing solutions to base camp construction to mobile medical units, we have the equipment you need so that you can remain agile and ready for anything.

Duo Kitchenware support services are backed by years of experience and knowledge. Whether you are drafting a new response plan or need to revise your current one, you can count on us to provide the right solutions in a timely fashion. Request a consultation with our team to learn what we can do for you. 

Duo Kitchenware is the premier and leading provider of on-site remote camp workforces.

Management logistics and temporary housing solutions. We stand head and shoulders above the rest of our competition, which is why we are able to provide our customers with the best possible services based on our years of experience. Our fleet of travel trailers will accommodate almost all temporary housing needs for natural disasters, fires, insurance claims, construction sites, and remote workforces anywhere around the world. Our rentals are flexible and can be for long or short term to meet your needs. 

  •       Trailer Rental 24-Hour Service
  •       Tent Structures Clear Span
  •       Mobile Command Trailers
  •       Mobile Kitchen Trailers
  •       Dishwashing Trailers
  •       Refrigeration Trailers 
  •       Portable Water Trailers
  •       Generator Trailers
  •       Bunk Bed Trailers 


To further support the system our company can provide:

  • Emergency Logistics Plan
  • Emergency Management Assistance
  • Emergency Tree Cutting Service 
  • Emergency clean up crews 
  • Emergency Linemen services 
  • Emergency remote construction crews 
  • Remote clean up workers and crews available 
  • Emergency Response Management 
  • Emergency construction services 
  • Emergency Contractor Services 
  • Emergency Construction Management 
  • Emergency Restoration Company
  • Remote Workforce 
  • Disaster Relief Workforce


Duo Kitchenware is a leading provider of temporary housing during construction sites, natural disasters, affordable rehab housing projects, insurance claims, military kitchen rentals, and even large-scale entertainment events. Our temporary bunk bed housing trailers for rent or lease, bring all the comforts of home for most situations. We work with many insurance companies when needing fire and flood displacement housing for their policyholders. Construction, transportation & large infrastructure projects rely on us when their workforce needs easy access to the job site with affordable and convenient emergency base camp solutions. 

  •  Dining Structures                         
  •  Restroom Trailers
  •  Laundry Trailers
  •  Shower Trailers
  •  Office Trailers
  •  Hand Washing Stations
  •  Housekeeping
  •  Remote Site Catering


Duo kitchenware also has immediate solutions utilizing our Rapid Response Team and base camp planning services in natural disaster situations. State, federal, and local government agencies utilize our Company as a top vendor of choice based on reliability and convenience for emergency temporary facilities. We provide temporary housing and services from our locations throughout the continental United States and around the world. 

  •  Environmental Support Service
  •  Debris Clean up
  •  Spill Clean Up
  •  Fire Damage Restoration
  •  Asbestos Abatement
  •  Mold Remediation 


Whether the task involves a remote geographic region, military field kitchen rentals, emergency response projects, or a stringent timeline, Duo kitchenware provides timely and comfortable living arrangements at 40-60% savings over conventional housing options. Our wide range of temporary remote workforce housing options and flexibility are invaluable during large out-of-town projects. 

  • Construction Site Housing Benefits 
  •       A reduction in man hours from extended time spent traveling to and from job sites.
  •     Crews can be fully rested while decreasing costs on the project.
  •      Workforce turnover is greatly reduced
  •      Provides employees with clean, efficient, and comfortable housing.
  •       A turnkey facility that includes a flat-screen TV, microwave, stove, and pillow-top mattresses.
  •      Travel trailers allow you the flexibility to scale up or down as the project dictates. 


Duo Kitchenware fleet features a variety of mobile and remote temporary housing options for any size event. When disaster strikes it is imperative and critical that housing is restored quickly. Hotel rooms and traditional housing become scarce and a key indicator for public trust on how well disaster recovery is going is getting housing restored quickly and safely. 

Our turnkey workforce housing solutions are the perfect answer for any situation, given their mobility and flexibility, and they do not require special permitting to transport. Our inventory is newer and every unit is C.A.R.B certified. This means that the materials used in our units have been tested and passed the airborne toxic control measure to reduce formaldehyde emissions from composite wood products, something that became a critical issue after Hurricane Katrina. Duo kitchenware also offers workforce camp management implementation. 

  • Environmental Support Service
  • Debris Clean up
  • Spill Clean Up
  • Fire Damage Restoration
  • Asbestos Abatement
  • Mold Remediation 


Disaster Contingency Planning 

You can rely on Duo kitchenware to help you build your disaster contingency plan. Together we will talk through logistics and specific needs while building a custom plan with logical and affordable solutions. We understand that our partnership is key to developing your temporary workforce housing camp services or military catering services to create the most effective response for your constituency. We always go the extra mile to ensure everyone is taken care of. We offer comfortable and cost-effective temporary housing solutions for remote workforces in the oil, gas, and mining industries. 

Mobile Sleep Trailers 

Originally designed to provide an onsite solution to allow response teams to get proper rest while managing long-term Base Camps, Duo kitchenware Mobile Sleeper Trailers can also be used as temporary hotel rooms during spring events, temporary sleeping quarters for oilfield workers, or temporary sleeping facilities for Wildland FireFighters and Incident Management Teams during catastrophes. 

  •   Trailer Rental 24-Hour Service
  •   Tent Structures Clear Span
  •   Mobile Command Trailers
  •   Mobile Kitchen Trailers
  •   Dishwashing Trailers
  •   Refrigeration Trailers 
  •   Portable Water Trailers
  •   Generator Trailers
  •   Bunk Bed Trailers 


Wildland Fire Agencies often use Duo kitchenware portable temporary housing for rent or lease or our HVACs and Insulated Tents as a solution to battling fatigue as they provide a safer and more cost-effective option than sending firefighters driving for miles to find lodging after a long day’s work on the fire line. 

  •   Pillow Top Anti-Bacterial Mattresses
  •   Privacy Curtains
  •   Heating, Air Conditioning & Air Purification Systems
  •   Reading Lights
  •   Eco-Friendly Propane Quiet Generators
  •   Meets or Exceeds Cal Fire & Life Safety Regulations
  •   Exterior Handwashing Station with Bio-Friendly Soap & Towels
  •   Daily Cleaning and Attendants on Duty 


Duo Kitchenware Temporary Facilities are a convenient way to create a workable space in a very short period of time. Our trailers can be used for a variety of purposes, but they are most commonly used as crew quarters in areas devoid of permanent structures. Due to the temporary nature of these man camp services, they are typically leased, but can also be rented.

Duokitchenware recognizes that forming a collaborative network with other prominent organizations generates “win-win” partnerships that enable us to provide a broader selection of products and services. Leveraging the expertise of other specialty service providers facilitates the coordination of a comprehensive support package for any event, planned or unplanned.

  •  Catering Services
  •   Remote Catering
  •   Industrial Catering
  •   Emergency Catering
  •   Incident Catering Services
  •   Military Catering Services
  •   Oil Field Catering
  •   Concert Tour Catering


Duo kitchenware will collaborate directly with your organization to develop emergency response services designed to reduce the amount of downtime you may experience during planned or unplanned shutdowns. Using Duo kitchenware, temporary workforce housing camp trailers, and logistical equipment, your company can resume operations as quickly and painlessly as possible.

  •   Dining Structures                                          
  •   Restroom Trailers
  •   Laundry Trailers
  •   Shower Trailers
  •   Office Trailers
  •   Hand Washing Stations
  •   Housekeeping 


Duo kitchenware can be relied upon to aid in the development of emergency responder base camp services and disaster contingency plans.

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