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Base Camp Housing in Missouri

In sparsely populated areas, bunkhouse trailers by Duo Kitchenware can serve as both emergency and temporary housing. Our fully integrated workforce modular housing provides a safe, comfortable, and climate-controlled place for a large number of individuals to sleep. The kitchen and bathrooms of the building are available to those serving in the military.

Duo kitchenware is ideal for those in the military or other professions requiring lengthy absences from home. During oil field support, man camps, and forest fire fighting support, bunkhouses with six to forty or more beds are on hand in case of emergencies or other remote locations where key service personnel require a secure sleeping area. For your convenience and comfort, we have equipped each apartment with a trash compactor.

Duo Kitchenware is the place to go if you need a kitchen for a temporary residence or a military installation. Our military trailers are more than just temporary housing. Here, you can quickly alter your attire and grab some food. In recent years, our company has shifted its focus to the growing market for housing for disaster relief workers. We are pleased with the superior quality of our products and services.

Because we have extensive experience designing, building, and selling mobile homes in rural areas, you can rely on us to meet your needs. Our policy is to devote 100 percent of our time and resources to assisting a client.

When do you prefer to be reached? You can have confidence in us because we are easy to reach. For the sake of the business, we strictly adhere to all regulations. Regardless of the circumstances, I know I can rely on you.

The trend of converting shipping containers into permanent homes is increasing.

Your teams must be ready to respond swiftly in the event of a natural or man-made emergency. Your teams’ performance will suffer if they are unable to return to camp for rest. It is crucial that the base camp is well stocked with necessities before a deployment, when personnel will be stationed there for an extended period of time. It’s ideal to stock an outdoor kitchen with versatile cookware that can be put to multiple uses. Mobile sleeper trailers are available for rent in a wide variety of sizes and floor plans.

Providing a secure overnight location for the rescue squad

It’s important to get back to basecamp and get some rest and reliable planning services in order to recover from the mental, physical, and emotional stress of responding to an emergency. For any type of crisis, a first responder who has had a good night’s rest will be the most effective. We have made our DFACT programs and break areas as convenient and enjoyable as possible to encourage our employees to prioritize their health.

  • Pillow Top Anti-Bacterial Mattresses in Missouri
  • Privacy Curtains in Missouri
  • Heating, Air Conditioning & Air Purification Systems in Missouri
  • Reading Lights in Missouri
  • Eco-Friendly Propane Quiet Generators in Missouri
  • Meets or Exceeds Cal Fire & Life Safety Regulations in Missouri
  • Exterior Handwashing Station with Bio-Friendly Soap & Towels in Missouri
  • Daily Cleaning and Attendants on Duty  in Missouri

Because of our use of modular design, buildings can be disassembled and moved with minimal effort. A backup generator is now standard in the majority of homes. We will have functioning portable toilets, showers, sinks, and cooktops within a few hours. Our options offer your teams breathing room in order to prepare for the next challenge.

We build homeless shelters, oversee their maintenance and design, and collect rent. Here you will find mine camps of varying sizes and degrees of sophistication.

Duo Kitchenware offers bunk bed trailer rentals for groups of six to forty-two individuals. With the aid of a portable hand washing unit, preventing the spread of illness while traveling is simple. During emergencies such as fires, evacuations, and quarantines, temporary structures were vital for protecting people.

You can rely on these individuals in an emergency.

Duo Kitchenware has everything you require, whether you’re searching for everyday items or survival supplies. As part of our comprehensive base camp services, we provide emergency response teams, workers, and event attendees with mobile temporary housing. We can efficiently deliver, erect, and dismantle your temporary structure.

  • Camp Operations Services in Missouri
  •  Man-Camp Site Design & Development in Missouri
  •  Camp Management & Operations in Missouri
  •  Base Camp Services Worldwide in Missouri
  •  Mobile Crew Camps in Missouri
  •  Workforce Housing in Missouri

DFACT manufactures and sells emergency tents and structures through Duo Kitchenware. Customers from all walks of life, including the government, the private sector, the transportation industry, the media, the entertainment business, and the labor movement, were satisfied with the service they received. We’ve put in the work to become a well-oiled machine, ready to take on any challenge with strategic precision and expert knowledge. Get in touch with us if you need more information about our emergency base camp services or short-term lodging options.

Modular homes could be used to quickly construct short-term housing for our staff. As part of our aid, we distribute food, but that’s not all we do. We go above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to cleaning. We also have laundry facilities and restrooms available for your use. Whatever the difficulty of getting to your location, we will make sure you have everything you need to run a successful business. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions about how Duo kitchenware can improve your man camp.

Providing service to foreign clients both in the United States and abroad is a priority for our business.

Please make an effort to learn as much as possible about our company.

To accommodate rescue teams and their equipment, Duo Kitchenware’s trailers are frequently deployed in times of crisis. We’re not limited to selling auto parts because of the size of our fleet. We also have many ways to aid those who are out in the wild.

  •  Catering Services in Missouri
  •  Remote Catering in Missouri
  •  Industrial Catering in Missouri
  •  Emergency Catering in Missouri
  •  Incident Catering Services in Missouri
  •  Military Catering Services in Missouri
  •  Oil Field Catering in Missouri
  •  Concert Tour Catering  in Missouri

Duo kitchenware has been the first line of defense against environmental problems caused by large-scale disasters such as hurricanes and wildfires. We offered them tools, services, and our knowledge.

Get a quote on a 50 – 2000 person camp. We provide comprehensive logistics and support for our extensive global inventory.

Our disaster management team and crews were prepared to assist those in need, including our fellow service members, with the necessary equipment, resources, and expert assistance. In addition to providing power generation, housing, complete ablution services, security, and MWRs, our team also provides site preparation and catering services.

Duo Kitchenware strives to provide customers with the best service at the lowest prices. We want your crews to be able to use modular temporary workforce housing shelters in the harshest weather. In addition, our green and clean equipment makes it safer for crews to work downstream, midstream, and upstream.

  • A reduction in man hours from extended time spent traveling to and from job sites.
  • Crews can be fully rested while decreasing costs on the project.
  • Workforce turnover is greatly reduced
  • Provides employees with clean, efficient, and comfortable housing.
  • A turnkey facility that includes a flat-screen TV, microwave, stove, and pillow-top mattresses.
  • Travel trailers allow you the flexibility to scale up or down as the project dictates. 

We can also provide:

  • Emergency Logistics Plan in Missouri
  • Emergency Management Assistance in Missouri
  • Emergency Tree Cutting Service  in Missouri
  • Emergency clean up crews  in Missouri
  • Emergency Linemen services  in Missouri
  • Emergency remote construction crews in Missouri 
  • Remote clean up workers and crews available  in Missouri
  • Emergency Response Management  in Missouri
  • Emergency construction services  in Missouri
  • Emergency Contractor Services  in Missouri
  • Emergency Construction Management  in Missouri
  • Emergency Restoration Company in Missouri
  • Remote Workforce  in Missouri
  • Disaster Relief Workforce in Missouri

Obtaining Assistance With Emergency Planning

Although it is possible to prepare for an emergency, once it occurs, time passes very quickly. Our company is committed to assisting clients in the creation of efficient field kitchens and emergency response plans. Help save lives with duo kitchenware by ensuring that your teams have the necessary resources to complete their missions successfully.

Personal and organizational challenges associated with crisis management are well known to us. Therefore, you can rest assured that all of your needs will be met by our services. We have the resources you’ll need to adapt to any situation, from the construction of a base camp to the provision of fully-furnished housing for your workforce.

Duo Kitchenware’s customer service expertise is founded on years of industry experience. You can rely on us to provide the information you require to formulate a new response strategy or to modify an existing one. To meet and discuss our offerings in greater depth, please contact us.

Duo Kitchenware is the go-to store for camp workers in remote areas due to its status as the best and most widely used supplier.

The need for temporary housing requires meticulous planning. The caliber of our services and length of time in business distinguish us from the competition. In our fleet of travel trailers, victims of natural disasters, fires, insurance claims, construction sites, and remote workers can all find temporary housing. Our rental agreements are extremely flexible.

  • Trailer Rental 24-Hour Service in Missouri
  • Tent Structures Clear Span in Missouri
  • Mobile Command Trailers in Missouri
  • Mobile Kitchen Trailers in Missouri
  • Dishwashing Trailers in Missouri
  • Refrigeration Trailers  in Missouri
  • Portable Water Trailers in Missouri
  • Generator Trailers in Missouri
  • Bunk Bed Trailers  in Missouri

To further support the system our company can provide:

  • Emergency Logistics Plan
  • Emergency Management Assistance
  • Emergency Tree Cutting Service 
  • Emergency clean up crews 
  • Emergency Linemen services 
  • Emergency remote construction crews 
  • Remote clean up workers and crews available 
  • Emergency Response Management 
  • Emergency construction services 
  • Emergency Contractor Services 
  • Emergency Construction Management 
  • Emergency Restoration Company
  • Remote Workforce 
  • Disaster Relief Workforce

Temporary housing is needed for construction sites, natural disasters, projects to fix up low-income housing, insurance claims, military kitchen rentals, and large entertainment events, and Duo Kitchenware is the clear leader in this field. Most of the time, all the comforts of home are in our bunkhouse trailers for rent or lease. Many insurance companies require that policyholders who have been forced to move because of a natural disaster like a fire or flood find temporary housing. We offer low-cost and easy-to-use emergency base camp solutions for workers on construction, transportation, and large infrastructure projects who need to get to the job site quickly in case of an emergency.

  •  Dining Structures in Missouri                                          
  •  Restroom Trailers in Missouri
  •  Laundry Trailers in Missouri
  •  Shower Trailers in Missouri
  •  Office Trailers in Missouri
  •  Hand Washing Stations in Missouri
  •  Housekeeping in Missouri
  •  Remote Site Catering in Missouri

After a natural disaster, Duokitchenware’s Rapid Response Team and base camp planning services are also available. State, federal, and local government agencies come to us first when they need emergency temporary facilities because we are dependable and easy to work with. We offer temporary housing and other services throughout the United States and internationally.

  •  Environmental Support Service in Missouri
  •  Debris Clean up in Missouri
  •  Spill Clean Up in Missouri
  •  Fire Damage Restoration in Missouri
  •  Asbestos Abatement in Missouri
  •  Mold Remediation  in Missouri

Duo kitchenware offers living arrangements that are 40–60% less expensive than regular housing, no matter how far away the job is, whether it’s a military field kitchen rental, an emergency response project, or a deadline. During large out-of-town projects, our wide range of temporary housing options for remote workers and our ability to change are very helpful.

  • Construction Site Housing Benefits 
  • A reduction in man hours from extended time spent traveling to and from job sites.
  • Crews can be fully rested while decreasing costs on the project.
  • Workforce turnover is greatly reduced
  • Provides employees with clean, efficient, and comfortable housing.
  • A turnkey facility that includes a flat-screen TV, microwave, stove, and pillow-top mattresses.
  • Travel trailers allow you the flexibility to scale up or down as the project dictates. 

Duo Kitchenware’s fleet consists of a variety of mobile and remote temporary housing options suitable for events of any size. When a disaster occurs, it is crucial to restore housing operations as quickly as possible. There are not enough hotel rooms or regular homes after a disaster, and the speed and safety with which housing is repaired is a key indicator of public confidence in disaster recovery efforts.

Our turnkey workforce housing solutions are ideal for any circumstance due to their adaptability. There is no special permit required to transport them. Each unit in our inventory is C.A.R.B.-approved. This indicates that the materials used in our units have been tested and have passed the airborne toxic control measure designed to reduce formaldehyde emissions from composite wood products. Since Hurricane Katrina, formaldehyde emissions from composite wood products have become a significant cause for concern. Additionally, Duo kitchenware offers options for managing workforce camps.

  • Environmental Support Service in Missouri
  • Debris Clean up in Missouri
  • Spill Clean Up in Missouri
  • Fire Damage Restoration in Missouri
  • Asbestos Abatement in Missouri
  • Mold Remediation  in Missouri

Preparing for a Catastrophe

The Duo set of cookware is an excellent resource for contingency planning. Let’s sit down and discuss the logistics and your individual requirements so that we can craft a unique plan together that provides sensible, cost-effective solutions. Together, we can better serve the military with our temporary housing camp services or our military catering services. Each and every time, we take extra precautions to guarantee everyone’s safety. We assist the oil, gas, and mining industries in supplying temporary housing for their off-site workers.

Portable dwellings

Equipment for cooking that uses two different elements Mobile sleeper trailers were first manufactured to accommodate the needs of response teams manning permanent base camps. They can also serve as emergency lodging for Wildland FireFighters and Incident Management Teams during disasters, as well as temporary hotel rooms for spring events.

  •   Trailer Rental 24-Hour Service in Missouri
  •   Tent Structures Clear Span in Missouri
  •   Mobile Command Trailers in Missouri
  •   Mobile Kitchen Trailers in Missouri
  •   Dishwashing Trailers in Missouri
  •   Refrigeration Trailers  in Missouri
  •   Portable Water Trailers in Missouri
  •   Generator Trailers in Missouri
  •   Bunk Bed Trailers  in Missouri

The portable temporary housing for rent or lease, as well as our HVACs and Insulated Tents, are frequently used by Wildland Fire Agencies to prevent firefighters from becoming too exhausted. This is safer and cheaper than sending them miles away to find lodging after a long day on the fire line.

  •   Pillow Top Anti-Bacterial Mattresses
  •   Privacy Curtains
  •   Heating, Air Conditioning & Air Purification Systems
  •   Reading Lights
  •   Eco-Friendly Propane Quiet Generators
  •   Meets or Exceeds Cal Fire & Life Safety Regulations
  •   Exterior Handwashing Station with Bio-Friendly Soap & Towels
  •   Daily Cleaning and Attendants on Duty 

With the aid of temporary furniture rentals from Duo Kitchenware, almost any space can be quickly transformed into a fully functional office. In the event that we cannot find suitable long-term housing for any of our employees, we will provide trailers as temporary housing. Typically, man camp services are rented rather than leased. The reason for this is that they are largely useless once obtained.

Duokitchenware places a premium on forging strategic alliances with other market leaders in order to provide the highest quality service to our customers. Utilizing the knowledge of others makes it easier to assemble a comprehensive aid package in the event of an unforeseen disaster.

  •  Catering Services in Missouri
  •   Remote Catering in Missouri
  •   Industrial Catering in Missouri
  •   Emergency Catering in Missouri
  •   Incident Catering Services in Missouri
  •   Military Catering Services in Missouri
  •   Oil Field Catering in Missouri
  •   Concert Tour Catering in Missouri

Duokitchenware can assist you in developing a backup plan in the event of a sudden power outage at your place of business. Products such as Duo cookware, camp trailers for housing temporary workers, and logistics software will expedite your return to operation.

  •   Dining Structures                                          
  •   Restroom Trailers
  •   Laundry Trailers
  •   Shower Trailers
  •   Office Trailers
  •   Hand Washing Stations
  •  Housekeeping 

Items with multiple functions are useful for both the kitchen and the emergency supply kit.

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Sharing is Caring
Sharing is Caring

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