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Refrigerated Trailers / Containers

 (Sizes 12 Ft., 20 ft. or 26 ft.) & (Sizes 12ft, 20 ft, 24 ft or 40ft)

We offer refrigerated trailer rentals of all sizes 12L x 7W , 20L x 7W and our New 26L x 8w. We also rent refrigerated containers 8 x 24FT and 8 x 40FT. Our refrigerated trailers for rent operate on single phase 220v power 30 amp to 50 amp.

Our refrigerated trailers are perfect for emergency rentals, event rentals and short term refrigeration needs. The advantage our refrigerated trailers have over our competitors rental fleet is we offer single phase power. Many customer do not have three phase power available at their location in either a convenient area or without a transformer. Our single phase trailer fleet makes it very affordable and convenient for most customer to rent.

The major advantage with refrigerated trailers vs our refrigerated container leasing fleet is the delivery charge and ease of delivery. Our ISO shipping containers require a special heavy duty flat bed truck which makes our refrigerated container rentals limited to most industrial sites.

Each and every freezer trailer that we offer for rental also comes with keyless entry. With our state of the art keyless digital dial pad our customers have the option of using a key to enter or to enter without a key. We offer many benefits with the rental of our freezer and refrigeration trailers. Please call today to receive a quote nationwide.

Mobile Kitchen Inventory: Refrigerated Trailers (Sizes 12 Ft., 20 Ft. or 26 Ft.) / Containers (12ft, 20ft,24ft or 40ft)

UnitCooking CapacityDimensions (L x W in feet)Cooking Energy SourceRefrigerationOn Board GeneratorsHVAC
Refrigerated Trailers (Sizes 12 ft., 20 ft. or 26 ft.)Moderate7ft (W) x 12ft ( L ) x 8ft (W) x 26ft ( L ) PropaneReach InNoYes
DescriptionElectrical Units – 3 Phase 30 Amps
Refrigerated Containers (Sizes 24 ft to 40 ft)      
DescriptionElectrical Units – 3 Phase 460v

Refrigerated Trailers (Sizes 12 Ft., 20 Ft. or 26 Ft.) Images

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Refrigerated Containers and Trailers Layouts

Refrigerated Container 20 Ft
Refrigerated Container 20 Ft
Refrigerated Trailer 12 Ft
Refrigerated Trailer 12 Ft
Refrigerated Trailer 20 Ft
Refrigerated Trailer 20 Ft


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