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Our Mobile Kitchen Trailer 40 Ft has an optional pedestal which enables the L-1x to be inclined for around 12 feet off the floor for easy operational use. The height can be adjusted from 8 to 14 feet. It comes with a dish table, faucet and pre-rinsed unit – all optional and are sold separately.

It is also equipped with pump drain with flexible installation that requires no floor draining, and drains uphill. It can cover thirty racks per 120 covers every hour. Economical and easy to operate, it employs 1.7 G of water per cycle. A unique spray arm system is in place, with upper and lower stainless steel wash arms and reinforced caps doing the dirty work.

Built-in chemical pumps with deliming systems make it possible for your kitchen to achieve proper use of chemicals. The convenient mobile kitchen services comes in the form of “works-in-a-drawer” system and all electrical components are embedded in a sliding drawer for easy accessibility.

Also, everything is made of stainless steel which means it is durable and can be sustained for years without trouble in operation.


The kitchen contains griddles, deep fryers, burners, ovens and refrigerator. It is also equipped with a dishwashing unit, an 864T commercial dishwasher with upper and lower rotating arms which guarantees clean and stainless results.


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