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Shower Trailer

Shower Trailers are needed after physical activities such as bike races, marathons, labor camps, fire camps, hazardous clean ups, man camps, base camps and other remote camping situations. Fresh water if important when it comes to remove dirt, hazardous waste and sweat. Our shower trailers are complementary to our large mobile fleet of rentals of mobile restrooms, kitchens, showers, tents, building structures and more. We can provide service throughout the entire united states and canada.

Our shower trailers range in size from 24 ft to 44 ft long. Some of our shower trailer are in combination with our living quarters. Please visit our main website to view all our services. We are one of the fastest growing rental companies in the united states. We provide full service staff to operate trailers as needed. We can also assist with fresh and gray water tanks. Our specialty is mobile kitchen but our shower trailer rental services is #1 in the united states.

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Special Events
Temporary Kitchen Design
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Armed Forces
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Commercial Food Service
Disaster Relief Agencies
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Health Care
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Temporary Kitchen Facilities
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Building Facilities Various Sizes 12 x 60 Sections
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